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Putting clients at the heart of everything we do

Lifetime news

Posted on: 23/02/2015

A lifetime commitment.

It’s a phrase often used.

People regularly make them, in every area of their lives, be that on their wedding day, to their children, even football teams!

Well, here at Lifetime we make a commitment too: to our clients and to our community.

As well as ‘giving something back’, via our hospice referral scheme and our ‘Barnsley Businesses Inspiring Students’ project, we  put clients at the centre of our services rather than their money.

We get to know you and discover what’s important to you.

Our starting point is your story.

Says Communications Director William Bottomley: “The foundation of our business has always been the relationships we have had with our clients.

“Lifetime has been built upon their loyalty and the level of service we have been able to provide.

“We continue to grow through the recommendations and referrals we receive. And together we can play a key role in putting something back into the community.

“We regard ourselves as alternative financial planners. We tell the ‘truth’ about money; answer a client’s big questions (goals, ambitions and concerns); and help clients live the life they want to live, now and in the future, without ever running out of money no matter what happens.



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