Other businesses could learn a lot from the global phenomenon that is the gaming industry

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Other businesses could learn a lot from the global phenomenon that is the gaming industry

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Posted on: 15/10/2013

The computer games industry – a true global phenomenon – continues to go from strength to strength.

It is a juggernaut that, at the moment, shows no sign of slowing; a success story that throws up a number of tips that other, more ‘orthodox’ businesses could pick up on.

At the heart of it, customers regularly return to video games because they feel they are purchasing the most compelling, quality products.

And the creative thinkers, designers, code-makers behind these games are always attempting to think ahead, moving forward, contemplating the next step.

When they do hit the bulls-eye, as in the case of the phenomenally successful Call Of Duty, it’s a mind-boggling pay-off for not that much investment.

People often look to the video game industry to see a group of creative people who are willing to change their games and foresee what consumers want.

In an interesting look into the popularity of gaming, Amazon, as part of its 15th birthday celebrations, has released information on its bestselling entertainment products during that period.

Call of Duty dominates the whole thing, claiming four of the top five spots.

Of the CoD franchise, which is now approaching its 10th year, Modern Warfare 2 is billed as the most popular although the exact sales figures are not offered.

The only non CoD game in Amazon’s top five is Grand Theft Auto V, which has managed to sneak into fourth place after just a month on sale, leading Amazon to predict that it could displace MW2 in the number one slot.

Another potential contender for top spot is Call of Duty: Ghosts, which is scheduled for release next month.

The other half of the top 10 is mostly given over to FIFA, with the 10, 12, and 13 versions all featuring. Skyrim and Zumba Fitness are also placed in Amazon’s top 10.

Ketu Patel, video games and software category leader at Amazon.co.uk said : “Call of Duty, Grand Theft Auto and FIFA are three of the largest entertainment franchises in the world, so it’s no surprise to see them dominating the top ten best-selling games chart.”

Lifetime Communications Director William Bottomley recently attended a ‘Connected Biz’ event at The Civic in Barnsley – and one of the speakers he was so impressed by was John Sanderson of Pitstop Productions.

Said Bill: “John’s company are involved in the Games industry, based in Barnsley and New York!

“Anyone who has kids or who has grown up into adulthood over the past decade cannot fail to have been influenced in some way by the gaming industry. My son has picked up the new FIFA game, it’s all he and his friends have talked about for the past month!”

“John has a passion for his work, or his way of life as he describes it, but he also has a passion for spotting the talent in our youth and insists that if we are to compete in this ever expanding market, our education system needs to adapt…..as do our businesses.”

As the video game industry and its offshoots, such as animation, continues to grow, more schools and universities are creating curriculums to support careers in video game design. These courses are usually offered within the computer science or media departments.

It is another career path that has emerged for the next generation to explore if they so wish.

Through Lifetime’s Barnsley Businesses Inspiring Students project, we hope to show students the many and varied careers that are ‘out there’.

Indeed, one of our speakers runs an animation studio based in Barnsley, at the BBIC buildings just off Huddersfield Road, Wilthorpe.


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