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Posted on: 05/11/2015

Paul LeeMy latest blog:

“When I left Friends Provident in January 2004 I don’t think I really knew how big a change becoming a self- employed financial planner was .

“It was only when I sat in my converted garage at home with a brand new desk , new laptop , new phone that I realised that the filing cabinet was empty, other than a file on my best mate!

“But what I did have was 12 years industry experience and connections which I nurtured and turned into a business on my own until I joined Lifetime in 2011.

“It is here that I have become a more rounded and polished financial planner – and still working with many clients who were in that sparse filing cabinet in the converted garage!

“With the benefit of the Truth software we use with clients I am able to provide thorough financial planning for clients of all backgrounds and ages, showing them how the future can unfold and how with my help they can influence it.

“This all seems a long way from my quiet garage in January 2004!”


My Mission Statement:

I aim to give my clients open and straightforward financial advice, to improve their lives and the lives of their families.

I am a Financial Planner with access to ‘specialist’ departments and technology, currently focusing on Pension Auto Enrolment and pension payment flexibility.

I will tell you the TRUTH about your money, identifying what risks, if any, you need to take and whether you can live the life you want now and in the future. I can provide detailed analysis of your financial situation pre and post retirement, determining whether your extensive needs and objectives are both possible and realistic.

My contact details:

Telephone: 01226 208600

Email: [email protected]


I was asked recently to take part in Lifetime’s own Desert Island Discs! It was a pretty hard choice, but here is my list for you all to enjoy or laugh at!


More about me: https://www.lifetime-fm.com/team-member/paul-lee/

Why not have a look at a great animation on the big questions we all face in our lives…..


I am also a very big supporter of the following two appeals, as well as Harrogate Golf Club!





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