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Lifetime clients delighted with digital service

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Posted on: 12/05/2021

Having people truly value what you do – and why you do it. They are things that businesses constantly strive for.

At Lifetime we put our clients at the very centre of what we do.

Helping them achieve what they want from their lives, via a flexible financial life plan, is something we are passionate about.

Our innovative digital service was launched with that ‘helping people’ aim very much in mind. We think financial guidance has never been as important as it is right now –  and by understanding your financial journey you can take control of your future.

Lifetime director Rupert Smith (pictured below) spoke this week of the impact that our digital service had on one gentleman who was around a year away from retirement.

Lifetime director and pension specialist Rupert Smith.

Explained Rupert: “About two months ago I received a call from a potential client who was referred to me and is about 12 months from retirement.

“He wanted to get his ‘pension ducks in a row’ so to speak, and was keen to establish what his options were.

“I talked him through Lifetime’s process and then passed the details on to our Digital Experience Manager Clare Preece. She made contact with the customer gave him the website links that he needed and got him started on his financial journey with us.

“He completed the online fact find – with help from his customer coach Annie – and the video of his unique financial plan was then duly produced and dispatched to him.

“Following the viewing of the video the gentleman was contacted by Annie where he was offered the option of receiving financial advice. He was keen to take up that option and last week I ‘met’ him and his wife via Zoom for the first time.

“I specifically asked the couple what they thought of the process available via Lifetime. Their response was extremely positive and affirming! The couple were appreciative of Annie’s efforts and valued the assistance.

“They said that that the initial fact-finding process, and the video of the cash flow and plan presented them with their financial position in easy to understand terms. For the first time the gentleman said– and he’s 65 years of age!”

Rupert concluded: “The clients value what we do and that was made abundantly clear to me during our meeting.”

Can we help you achieve what you want from your life?

Start your journey with us today.

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