Grateful client thankful for ‘first rate’ Lifetime service in time of need

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Grateful client thankful for ‘first rate’ Lifetime service in time of need

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Posted on: 14/02/2018

A grateful client has contacted Lifetime to offer their thanks for a ‘first rate’ service in a time of need.

Coming in for special praise was our financial planner Jennifer Broadhead (pictured below).

The client takes up the story: “Prior to June/July 2017 our investments had been overseen by an independent financial adviser who, over the 13 years we used him, became a close friend. So when he decided to retire we were concerned and somewhat anxious as to what was going to happen. My wife and I had been more than happy with the performance of our adviser and our investments. He guided us through the crash of 2008 and back into positive territory.

“Following his retirement we moved to Lifetime. We were more than anxious, to say the least, that we were dealing with a larger company and would perhaps lose that personal touch.

“Fortunately that has not been the case.

“We were immediately designated a personal adviser, in our case Jennifer Broadhead. Jennifer came out to see us and immediately began to put our minds at rest.

“She explained in relatively simple terms the philosophies of Lifetime, Vanguard and Transact. Being a born worrier, I have phoned and texted Jennifer on a number of occasions and she has always either phoned back or more often been to see us – and has helped to satisfy any queries we have had.

“The way in which our investments have been handled has been good, On the whole, even though we were very concerned initially, our experience of Lifetime, and the performance and competence of Jennifer Broadhead in particular, has been first rate. I would recommend them.”

Sadly, the client’s wife passed away recently.

He commented: “It has been a very upsetting and emotional time. My wife’s death meant that her investments needed to be transferred to me. This was handled efficiently and sensitively. Jennifer came to see me soon after my wife’s death to ‘check up on me’ and to discuss the future. I really appreciated that.”

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Tom Nelson our Pension Manager

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