Lifetime offices closed but ‘business goes on’ and clients can contact financial planners and staff

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Lifetime offices closed but ‘business goes on’ and clients can contact financial planners and staff

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Posted on: 21/04/2020

All our lives are in some sort of upheaval due to the rapid spread of the Coronavirus (Covid-19).

We know that people are anxious right now, including our clients. Even those who have a long-term, trusted relationship with their Lifetime financial planner may be concerned about their money and investments, as the Coronavirus continues to impact the UK and the world.

Rest assured, as a company we are continuously monitoring developments and government notifications, and thanks to the innovation we embarked upon over a year ago we are in a position whereby we can maintain our commitment of excellent client service.

These are not normal days we are living through, of course, so we have taken the necessary steps to protect our staff as best we can, and to protect the running of the company.

In line with government guidelines, the Lifetime offices are closed until further notice, but a good number of our staff are working from home.

And so, for the most part, it remains ‘business as usual’.

We understand that, in these uncertain months, you might need our services more than ever. Keeping clients reassured and informed is of paramount importance to us, especially with the ever-changing Coronavirus news and guidelines we are given.

Our financial planners, pension specialists, mortgage advisers, communications team and support staff are all set up to continue working through this crisis, at home, and we can deal with calls, emails and client meetings via Zoom screen-to-screen technology.

If you need us for anything in this unprecedented time, then please call your financial planner on their mobile number. If you have not got that number then phone office number 01226 208600 for further instructions.

We do urge all our existing clients, if they haven’t already done so, to register to our safe and secure online Client Portal, where all your documentation can be stored and you can communicate with us.

If you are not already set up on the portal then please get in touch with our Communications team, by email, at [email protected] and they will help get you registered. If we haven’t got your email address, or if you have a new one, then please let our Communications Department know so they can send you a registration email.

And to those people who are currently looking for advice regarding their finances, be it financial planning, pensions, investments or for a mortgage, we are here, ready, willing and able to help.

These are turbulent times, we know and appreciate that. Together we will get through it.

Stay safe.

– Your Lifetime Team

Lifetime are also very active online, in particular in terms of our social media.

If you don’t already do so then please connect with us on the following platforms. We put a lot of stuff out and it is a great way to stay connected.

Twitter: @LifetimeFM

Facebook: Lifetime Financial Planners

Linkedin: Lifetime

Instagram: iamflo_lifetime

Website: www.lifetime-fm.com


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