Students left feeling ‘flush’ – as musical brothers deliver inspiring BBIS talk

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Students left feeling ‘flush’ – as musical brothers deliver inspiring BBIS talk

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Posted on: 21/01/2014

Two Year 11 Horizon College students were left feeling ‘flush’ as Barnsley musicians Jake and Josh Ingamells delivered an inspirational talk on Tuesday morning.

The brothers (pictured), who run their own Barnsley-based record company, Big Sky Records, and make up part of local rock bank Hitomi, are committed speakers in Lifetime’s ‘Barnsley Businesses Inspiring Students’ venture, which is being trialled at Horizon College before, hopefully, being rolled out to other schools and colleges in the area.

Their Big Sky Records company was established with one main overriding value: ‘Recording for musicians, by musicians’.

Jake and Josh were invited to ‘tell their story’ to Horizon’s Year 11 assembly – and went down a treat!

They certainly came up with a innovative way of getting across their message of ‘grasping your opportunity’.

They asked for a ‘volunteer’ to come down from the audience and ‘help’. As is usually the case, there was not many of the kids wanting to be the first one up! But then one student, Megan, who was sat near the back of the Horizon Theatre, put up her hand.

She was asked to go down onto the stage, and was told that she would not be told she had to start singing, or do something that might embarrass her. Instead, to her immense surprise, she was handed a £10 note!!

Jake and Josh said that, by taking a chance, Megan had been rewarded. It was a clever way of saying to the students, grasp your opportunity when it comes along, and go for your dream’.

On their twitter feed, Horizon posted: “A big thank you to Josh & Jake Ingamells (@Hitomiuk), they put a smile on Megan’s face when she was handed the cash! #surprised!”

The Ingamells even repeated the ‘message’ towards the end of their talk – and another female student was handed £10 too!

In between the brothers delivered an excellent presentation, showing just how they realised their own dreams of owning a record company and doing something they love.

And it was great to see at the end of the assembly a number of the students crowd round the pair to ask further questions on their chosen career path.

Jake said: “The whole BBIS project is just such a fantastic idea and a great opportunity for everyone involved. We are so grateful for being invited to be part of it as speakers. Lifetime deserve immense credit for doing something like this – and Horizon is such a fantastic school to host it.”


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