Financial planning video from Lifetime ‘opened up my eyes’ says worker

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Financial planning video from Lifetime ‘opened up my eyes’ says worker

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Posted on: 19/02/2024

Lifetime’s digital coaches help employees, families, couples and individuals get to grips with their personal finances.

They play a huge role in promoting the importance of financial education and financial wellbeing – and their efforts can often prove to be life-changing!

And as such we just wanted to share this lovely testimonial we’ve had from a lady called Marie, who took advantage of her employer’s partnership with Lifetime, and the financial wellbeing workplace benefit we offer, to establish a financial plan.

Marie is particularly effusive in her praise of Lifetime coach Rebecca O’Brien!

“Through my workplace we had the benefit of working with a Lifetime coach, to have a financial plan done.

“I was allocated Rebecca and my plan needed to show where myself and my husband are at the moment [financially] and what our ideal plans for the future would be, eg retirement age etc.

“The process started with me submitting some basic information and then a phone conversation to discuss this. I gave my financial position now, plus the things I know about in terms of the future, including savings, pensions, outgoings etc, as well as what we would the future to look like for us, in an ideal world, such as retirement ages.

“Rebecca went away with all the information and produced a video of our financial plan, which covered our current situation and future hopes and plans. This was really useful and highlighted some tweaks we would need to put in place in order to make our retirement happen at the ages we want. Without this we may have thought we would be okay and then hit a really difficult situation in actual retirement.

“The plan opened our eyes to other scenarios too, and the fact it was done in a video format meant we could re-watch it again and digest all the information.

“This was still followed up with a online ‘teams’ meeting, to make sure we understood the video and give us the opportunity to ask any further questions.

“I would recommend everybody did this, it really helped us focus on the future.”

It is so heart-warming to hear how much we’ve helped Marie to understand her financial position!


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