Lifetime’s 2022 Employee Survey raises some important issues

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Lifetime’s 2022 Employee Survey raises some important issues

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Posted on: 08/08/2022

An employer cannot truly support their employees if they don’t know what help they really need.

It is so important to listen to your employees. You listen to understand.

That’s where Lifetime’s financial wellbeing service can help. It can bring clarity, education, focus and awareness. Oh, and positive action!

Lifetime’s employee survey is a tremendous tool that can be used to ‘take the temperature’ of a workforce – and discover what is on their minds when it comes to money matters.

Everyone’s financial situation is often unique. Their hopes, concerns and ambitions are too. That’s why it is crucial to have a wellbeing programme that is tailored to the individual, not a one-size-fits-all attempt at a solution that actually doesn’t fit anyone very well at all!

One of the key components on Lifetime’s programme is our employee survey, which gives the staff of the companies we partner with the welcome opportunity to raise the questions, hopes, fears and concerns that they have over their personal finances.

Those concerns could centre on their retirement planning, their pension, or their mortgage. Or they could be about their savings, or lack of them.

Lifetime’s 2022 Employee Survey has already raised some important issues.

Two of the most notable were that 46.61% of employees who responded to the survey (ages ranging from under 25s all the way through to over 55s) said they needed to start planning for retirement, while 41.50% admitted to feeling that they wouldn’t be able to retire when they wanted to.

Something else that is clearly on the mind of employees is ‘savings’. 51.78% of those surveyed by Lifetime admitted to feeling that they didn’t have enough savings, while 42.80% said they would like to be able to save more regularly.

And that’s where Lifetime’s coaches and financial specialists come in! They help employees put together a tailored plan that puts them on the correct path to fully understanding their financial situation, get to grips with all sorts of money matters, and realise their goals and ambitions for the future.

Our financial wellbeing programme helps employees understand their finances, giving them:

  • A personal financial plan
  • Tailored educational videos, webinars and Q&A’s
  • Dedicated customer coach
  • Access to a financial planner who can implement any recommendations and deliver potentially life-changing advice

Creating a tailored financial plan, depending on an employee’s age, needs, life stage and the sector they work in, helps staff fully understand their future wealth, take control of their lives in the present, and make good financial decisions for the future.

If you are an employer eager to provide your people with such help, then join all the other companies we are proud to partner with – and together we’ll make a positive difference!

Financial health is important. To you. To us.

Lifetime has been named Workplace Financial Wellbeing Champion of the Year (UK) for 2022Our tailored support will address any pressing financial questions you might have, and help you acquire the necessary skills and knowledge to manage your money, so that you and your loved ones can enjoy the benefit.



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