World food celebrated at Lifetime House!

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World food celebrated at Lifetime House!

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Posted on: 30/10/2017

The Lifetimers came together on Monday – some of them in their Halloween costumes – in a celebratory world food event.

The company’s new social area was the perfect venue – and the food, most of it having been made by the staff’s fair hands(!) – went down an absolute treat.

Food linked with the following countries was on display:

Holland (Annabelle); Italy (Nicola); Ireland (Lucie); India (Hayley); France, savoury (Jill); Spain (Miles); Germany (Michael); Wales (Scott); Austria (Sue); Greece (Mathew); Japan (Amy); China (Natalie); Sweden (Shelia); France, sweet (Bill); Scotland (Brian S); England, savoury (Sarah); USA, savoury (James); Switzerland (Danny); England, sweet (Elaine); Mexico (Joe); Turkey (Macy).

  • Pictures courtesy of Annabelle Dickinson.







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