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Emotional and financial wellbeing boosted by contact with advisers

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Posted on: 01/10/2020

Financial wellbeing. Emotional wellbeing. Both are popular phrases, often used as buzzwords. As the Coronavirus-hit year of 2020 draws nearer to a close they are words that need to seep into the very fabric of our society, our collective souls.

We all want to be happy in our lives. Here at Lifetime we believe that if you are happy with your financial situation – and truly understand how your money flows in and out of your life – then that will also have a very positive impact on your emotions, and your emotional behaviour.

We remain convinced that having a financial plan in place – a plan that has the flexibility to change over time, along with your circumstances and desires – is crucial to your future happiness and wellbeing. We are also convinced that a close, deep-rooted relationship with a financial adviser, someone you trust and rely upon to put you and your money at the centre of their advice, can help you achieve a calming peace of mind.

Recent research by Royal London backs up our belief.

Royal London wanted to find out if financial advice actually improves someone’s emotional wellbeing. Their survey duly confirmed that interaction with a professional financial adviser, and the receiving of quality advice, can deliver more than just the financial benefits but can also help people feel better about their personal money matters, and also about themselves.

There was greater confidence, people felt more in control knowing they had a professional financial adviser to call upon when needed, and there was a better sense of achieving peace of mind.

It is that peace of mind, that understanding, that sense of being in control which can be gained by forging a deep, lasting relationship with a finance professional.

If you want to understand your financial picture, and see what your money can do for you, then please get in touch.


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