Mitch offers plenty of good insights into Purpose-Filled Retirement!

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Mitch offers plenty of good insights into Purpose-Filled Retirement!

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Posted on: 04/03/2015

A lot gets written about retirement planning. And rightly so. It is an important subject after all!

One presentation has caught out eye recently – that of American Mitch Anthony, who talks passionately about The Purpose-Filled Retirement.

Anthony (pictured below) is a well-known finance author ‘across the pond’ (see how we went for the American parlance there….!) and the owner of Advisor Insights.


Says Mitch: “Retirement shouldn’t be about winding down; instead, it should be about revving up. Instead of taking a lifetime of knowledge and wisdom and trading it in for tricked-out golf carts and whining about the rules and regulations of a cookie-cutter retirement community, we should be investing in ourselves and assuring our lives continue to have purpose.

“Sure, priorities change—and so does the direction purpose takes. Not everything we do has to have a deep and lasting impact (I love golf as much as the next guy or gal), but without purpose during our retirement years, we will slowly disintegrate into indifference.”

That passion about raising the awareness of good retirement planning has inspired Mitch to deliver his own presentation, The Purpose-Filled Retirement.

Added Mitch: “Let’s face it—we all need a break from the daily grind, but we don’t want to completely check out. Just ask retirees who have quit their jobs, moved to retirement communities, and spent the rest of their days planning when to get the mail, play a round, and eat meals. It may be relaxing for a while, but that routine quickly turns tiresome because of the innate need for purpose in our lives.”

For more information about Mitch and his Purpose-Filled Retirement presentations, log on to his website: http://mitchanthony.com/


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