Sharon joins the BBIS class!

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Sharon joins the BBIS class!

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Posted on: 29/08/2014

Welcome aboard Sharon Pickering, the latest person to join our ‘Barnsley Businesses Inspiring Students’ project.

Here’s what Sharon had to say:

“Having a number of years experience within the public sector, both in Local Authorities, Government Department and the NHS, I currently work in the 14-19 education team in Barnsley Local Authority where raising participation of young people in education, training and employment is an important part of my job.

“Other elements include, Raising Aspirations, Youth Enterprise, Skills and Post 16 Education and Training.

“My public sector career began following my completion of a history degree when I applied to train as a nurse. Once qualified, I worked with older people in a rehabilitation setting and importantly (as throughout my career) I continued to learn.

“Whilst working as a Staff Nurse and then a Ward Manager I completed a number of Higher Education courses, particularly in Education. I used this qualification to gain a job teaching Nurses at Leeds General Infirmary and St James Hospital.

“Over a period of 20 years, I worked in roles in clinical practice, research and in health care education and management. During this period I also co edited a number of health based text books for nurses and social workers.

“As a hobby, I breed and show Border Terriers – little brown dogs to most people. Jointly with my husband we own the 2009/10 Top Winning Border Terrier in the world. We have five dogs – all who have very successful show careers.

“I am happy to talk about:

• Identifying your strengths and your skills, being positive
• Being effective and successful and achieving goals
• Leading and making a difference in public services
• Employment, Apprenticeships etc
• The importance of continuing to learn and develop in your career”




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