Howard’s way helping Lifetimers Colin and Phil ‘lead the field’

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Howard’s way helping Lifetimers Colin and Phil ‘lead the field’

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Posted on: 16/01/2015

Thinking on your feet – and leading the field.

Things that we believe we do well here at Lifetime!

And so it was fitting that our senior financial planner Colin Chadburn and Lifetime colleague, financial planner Phil Richards (both pictured below), were at The Source Skills Academy in Sheffield on Thursday night, for the CPD (Continuing Professional Development) ‘Think On Your Feet/Lead The Field’ seminar which featured guest speaking slots from former professional referee Howard Webb MBE and the female director of Bitesize, Shirine Vincent.

Colin ChadburnPhilip Richards

Ex-international referee Webb delivered the ‘Leading The Field’ presentation, which focussed on how high motivation correlates with success.

Webb (pictured below) ascended from the local football leagues of Rotherham to refereeing the World Cup Final. He talked about how to develop vision and master motivation, teamwork and leadership.


Shirine Vincent then presented ‘Think on Your Feet’. An expert at quickly identifying personality types and what drives behaviour and personal motivations, she has a reputation for unblocking deep rooted resistance to change.

She highlighted ways and means of re-evaluating your own beliefs and actions.

Other things that were talked about on the night were:

  • What ingredients are necessary to achieve your ultimate ambition
  • Understand how to keep vision and motivation
  • What drives top performers’ determination to succeed
  • The three circles of self
  • Listening, delivering the message and keeping your head when thinking on your feet
  • Control yourself and how others perceive you


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