Helen hands over referral scheme cheques to Wakefield hospice

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Helen hands over referral scheme cheques to Wakefield hospice

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Posted on: 13/05/2015

Lifetime Financial Planner Helen Holland was a very welcome visitor to Wakefield Hospice today – as she delivered two cheques raised from our highly successful referral scheme.

Hospices up and down the country have benefited from Lifetime’s referral scheme (https://www.lifetime-fm.com/lifetime-in-the-community/hospice-referral-scheme/), none more so than those based at Barnsley and Wakefield respectively.

And our Financial Planner Helen was delighted to present Wakefield with two cheques amounting to £707.54 (see picture below).

Helen cheque presentation to Wakefield

A Wakefield spokesperson said: “We rely on fundraising initiatives and the generosity of the community, and so we are very, very grateful to Lifetime for their regular donations via their referral scheme.

“It is a fantastic initiative and we are so pleased that Lifetime and their loyal clients think of us when deciding to help the community.”

  • Wakefield Hospice is committed to providing the highest level of symptom management and care for people who have advanced active, progressive and life threatening illness. The Hospice endorses a holistic approach in promoting quality of life for patients as well as providing the continuing support that is offered to families and carers.


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