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Posted on: 30/08/2023
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Financial planner Miles is also Lifetime’s Head of Client Services.

He joined the company in April 2015, having initially seen an advert in the local newspaper for a job in the Wills department when he was 18-years-old.

He says: “When I arrived for my interview it turned out that the Wills department was on the verge of closing down but there were jobs to fill in the admin team. I wasn’t really sure on what I wanted to do as a career but I enjoyed Business studies and finances in my A levels and quickly enjoyed working for the company.

“I moved from Admin to working on ‘Truth’ software, creating cashflow models for the financial planners, and then was asked if I’d like to do my financial planning exams.

“I completed these when I was 23 and started financial planning, alongside working on the company’s digital proposal with a new coaching team, creating free financial plans for employees of our employer partners.

“Once that was set up and self functioning I moved in to the servicing team to head it up and improve the service we give to our existing client bank, a role that I am loving so far.”

His best Lifetime memory? “There’s not one specific event that stands out but I suppose the best thing for me is watching and being a part of the company transform into something that is wider and more beneficial than a traditional financial advice firm.

“I think when I look back when I’m old I will be proud that we were able to help thousands of people improve their lives through informed financial decisions.

“Seeing the weight lift from people’s shoulders as we give clarity and put their plans into place is a big thing for me,” adds Miles. “I enjoy discussing and modelling people’s life plans and helping them achieve their goals and dreams through cashflow modelling.

“Job satisfaction is also a big thing for me. I think we leave people’s lives a little better off than when we found them at the first meeting.”

Miles has a son, Sonny, with his partner. He says he loves being a father so far, even though he spends most of his spare timer changing nappies!

He has a couple of favourite places to visit when he can. “In the UK I love the Lake District,” Miles says. “I have only been a couple of times so far but I can see us having many trips there as a family over the coming years. My favourite place to go abroad has been Ibiza so far.”

And what is Miles passionate about, both professionally and personally?

“Professionally I think everyone in the UK should have a cashflow modelling plan and basic financial education, to help them avoid costly mistakes and give them the best chance of a fulfilling life.”

“Personally, I’m a big Barnsley fan and have been since I started attending Oakwell at 12-years-old.”


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