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Posted on: 30/08/2023
Michelle Youel Name

Michelle has been with Lifetime for 19 years. She began as a mortgage administrator and is currently an important member of our pension department.

Michelle was born in Penistone and still lives in the village. Her interests include dog boarding (looking after other people’s dogs while they are away), eating out, seeing friends and going on holiday.

Her favourite Lifetime memory was her 50th birthday presentation, where she was given a ‘lovely Radley suitcase which has been on many holidays!’

As for the company itself, Michelle says: “Everyone involved always want what’s best for the client.”

And how does Michelle describe herself, particularly her personality: “Well, I like to think I am a woman of my word and I don’t promise what I can’t deliver, either in my personal or professional life. It does not sit well with me when others don’t do the same.”

Michelle once won a free trip to watch the Barcelona Olympics in 1992, while her favourite place to go is Benidorm.


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