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Posted on: 30/08/2023
Nicola Dickinson Name

Company Secretary and Finance Manager Nicola has been with Lifetime since its inception.

She says it was been a privilege ‘being able to see the progression we have been making over the years’.

She adds: “Other than my job I love the times we all get together as a company. The social events have been great.”

Her best Lifetime memory was ‘the day we started on the journey and moved from Wombwell to Lifetime House’.

Nicola was born in Sheffield but now lives in Huddersfield. She once danced at the Royal Albert Hall.

She has two daughters, Annabelle and Scarlett, and one Cavapoo dog called Ned. Her favourite place to go to is Mauritus.

Nicola spends her free time walking the dog and enjoying weekends away.

And when asked what is she passionate about both professionally and personally, Nicola replies: “My family, both at Lifetime and at home.”


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