David at the wheel in drive towards Auto Enrolment

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David at the wheel in drive towards Auto Enrolment

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Posted on: 20/02/2013

Here at Lifetime we are now motoring along nicely into our second decade as a company.

We celebrated our ten-year anniversary in September 2012 and thanks to your loyal support we continue to slip comfortably through the gears, picking up more and more clients as we build a strong and profitable company.

Service has always been at the heart of what we do – and all the talented people who make up the Lifetime ‘engine’ have put us in a position where we are able, equipped and eager to serve our clients for the next ten years and beyond.

As Lifetime continues to grow in size and stature, while remaining true to our core values, we will from time to time ‘pick up extra passengers’ to join us on our exciting journey.

One such man is David Vickers (pictured). Having spent 38 years in financial services with three different companies, Pearl Assurance, Lloyds TSB and Leeds Building Society, he has great experience and expertise. We have recruited David to drive our presence in the immense market that is Auto Enrolment.

Dave Vickers

Auto Enrolment involves employers having to auto enrol, by law, all eligible employees into a qualifying pension scheme. It will have significant implications for employers of all sizes.

“My aim is to help employers get through the trauma of what will be a complex and time consuming process because here at Lifetime we feel we have a duty of care,” said David.

“We have put together a bespoke proposition that offers a solution to meet all of a company’s obligations to Auto Enrolment.

“We have a dedicated specialist pensions team who are highly qualified to provide a focussed strategy to reduce the burden of implementing the setting up of Auto Enrolment.”

David, who lives in Stocksbridge and was born and raised in Stannington, has quickly bought into the ‘Lifetime family’ ethic. Not surprising, considering that he has been married for 35 years, with two children and four grand-children!

He is a keen golfer, and an avid gardener. He admits to a passion for picking up seeds and ‘making things grow’.

With that sort of philosophy, he’ll be a crucial cog in our team, as we continue to map out exciting new avenues on our memorable journey!


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