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Lifetime going ‘superfast’ on broadband highway

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Posted on: 21/02/2013

It is a fast-paced world we live in – and to make sure Lifetime remains at ‘top speed’ in an ever-changing environment we are fully connected to ‘superfast’ broadband.

It is all due to a tie-up with the Digital Region network via local Internet Service Provider littlebigone.com

Victoria Oliver, Communications Manager at Lifetime, has been delighted by the results brought about by connecting to superfast broadband.

“We have financial advisers working remotely out in the field and they need to access all their business information for planning, form filling and a whole host of other activities using the Internet,” said Victoria.

“Before connecting to superfast broadband we couldn’t get the bandwidth we required to be able to operate efficiently. We spoke to our previous provider about alternatives but there were none. We were already aware of the Digital Region project and had been actively looking for a while to see when it was going to be live in our area.

“We spoke to a representative from Digital Region and they directed us to the websites of their ISP’s, and from there we decided littlebigone.com was the service provider we wanted to connect with.

“Our main contact at littlebigone.com ‘held our hands’ throughout the process. That was incredibly helpful. There was a lot riding on a smooth transition as we couldn’t afford to lose our connection at all, and it was seamless.

“And littlebigone.com not only delivered everything in the timescales but they have been a great help since that time too.”

“One of the biggest differences we have noticed has been with our advisers who work remotely and log in online. It has made their lives much easier and their work a lot more time-efficient. The speed at which they can complete work online has improved significantly.

“We have also seen a difference in the office too where almost all of our applications require a fast and secure Internet connection. Superfast broadband has helped improve process efficiencies and the way we work.

“Connecting to the Digital Region network via littlebigone.com has been fantastic for the company.

“Lifetime continues to grow as a result.”


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