That summer break can often help us ‘rediscover our mojo’

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That summer break can often help us ‘rediscover our mojo’

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Posted on: 30/07/2013

‘We’re all going on a…Summer Holiday’

‘Summer Lovin’, had me a blast’

‘Here Comes The Sun, little darlin’

The above are all well known ‘holiday tunes – and when they come blasting out of the stereo it often heralds ‘vacation time!’

Let’s face it, we all need something to look forward to – and for many of us it is our summer holiday.

Recharging the batteries, getting ‘away from it all’, enjoying life and time with family and friends. Even coming up with new ideas to drive your business forward – as our MD Ian regularly does! – a summer break all adds up to a vital ingredient in your life’s rich tapestry.



Whether it is jetting off to sun-kissed far-flung places, for a fortnight’s rest and recuperation on a tropical beach; splashing about in the sea/pool with the kids; having long weekends looking up at the stars while camping, as my daughter will be doing this weekend with her auntie; or even ‘doubling up’, having a week away on holiday followed by a week at home, pottering about in the garden and having restful spells contemplating and reading a book in your favourite spot, like our Communications Director Bill, then a summer break can often be crucial to our own well-being and happiness.

It carries with it that ‘extra bit of magic’, as it often entails a much-needed break from all that hard work you’ve been doing!

It is often how ‘the lost get found’ – and rediscover their ‘mojo’.

More often than not we overlook the importance of rest and relaxation, and when we do go on holiday we sometimes take our work with us, either on our minds or on our phones, iPads or laptops(!!).

Just remember, sometimes we need a total break from the stress of everyday (work)life.

A change of scenery – and often weather – can be very refreshing. And certainly, every now and then, it is therapeutic to detach yourself from a familiar environment such as work or home.

Having a break could potentially enable you to feel more inspired, more creative and have new perspectives when you return. The overall experience of going on holiday could also lower stress levels, help you sleep better and as a result; allow you to return in a better mood, even taking into account the post-holiday blues you may acquire!

Everyone has different preferences and ways of relaxing. Lying on the beach doing absolutely nothing, knowing that you don’t have to go to work tomorrow, is enough to make someone’s ideal holiday. Other people need an ‘adrenaline rush!

But whichever type of holiday it is you plump for, make sure you treat yourself and your family, enjoy it, make the most of it! and it often feels well-deserved, and holidays never occur as frequently as you would like, so make sure you make the most of it!


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