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Clare Preece

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Posted on: 30/08/2023
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Clare was born in Rotherham and still lives in the area.

She began her Lifetime journey in a position geared towards creating our digital coaching team. She is now our Operations Director.

She says: “The only difference to what I do now is that I oversee the whole business on a day-to-day basis rather than just part of it.”

What she likes best about her role is ‘keeping the customer at the heart of what we do, both internally as well as externally’.

She admires Lifetime’s mission, culture and values.

And her favourite Lifetime memory is ‘being given the opportunity to support the business and help change people’s lives through financial wellbeing’.

“Professionally and personally I am passionate about helping people and making a difference to them, which in turn makes me feel that I have achieved something,” she adds.

Clare enjoys spending time with family, reading, watching sport, going to nice restaurants and drinking nice wine.

Her favourite place to visit is Greek island Skiathos.


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