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Posted on: 30/08/2023
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Executive Director Bill has been with Lifetime for 22 years.

“I started as a self employed financial adviser, trying to create the best outcomes for my clients. I’m doing pretty much the same now without giving financial advice, but still trying to help as many people as possible get great outcomes from the service we offer them by helping to keep our vision at the forefront of everything we do.”

His best Lifetime memory? “I have too many great memories working at Lifetime. In the end the best ones are always about the people we work with, seeing team members thrive and become the people we always hoped they would be. Those who want to work hard and share the vision of the business create the best memories for me, because that’s what brings me joy.”

Bill, what do you like best about your role? “I love seeing the potential of this business being fulfilled. We have a great mission, a ‘big hairy idea’ that we are bringing to fruition. I love being a small part of that.

And what do you like best about Lifetime? “The team, the clients, the vision.

“I’m so excited about what we can achieve and look forward to the rest of my journey with the Lifetime team.”

Bill lives in Barnsley but was brought up all over the world and the UK. He and wife Clare have five grown-up children between them, six grandchildren, two dogs and two chickens. For many years Bill sang and played guitar in an Irish folk band.

His favourite places? “Home, and Mousehole in Cornwall.”

And his personal and professional passions?

“Personally, obviously Clare and my family and their happiness are top of the list.

“Professionally I have always been uncomfortable about prioritising clients who have more money than others, which is why I am so passionate about what we are doing with our financial wellbeing proposition.

“If it feels right to me then generally I feel passionate about it.”


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