Charlotte Swinscoe

Marketing Manager

Charlotte is Lifetime’s marketing manager, having joined the company at the beginning of May 2022.

She started in marketing after completing her Masters degree in creative writing, and has previously worked in a number of sectors, including facial and body aesthetics, sports and educational resources.

Charlotte lives in Derbyshire with her loud, cross-eyed cat, and admits to being the queen of road trips! She loves going to music gigs, enjoying bottomless brunch and winding down with a good book or film.

She ‘excels’ at ‘rubbish home DIY’, such as painting her fridge pink or fixing her curtain rail with eyelash glue!

Charlotte has a long list of fun to-do’s, including writing and publishing a children’s book, visiting the New York library and seeing Britney Spears perform at Scarborough (which she got to do in 2018).

She is really enjoying her role and can’t wait to see what it brings going forward.