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Schools out for Summer….

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Posted on: 23/07/2013

Schools out for summer……what a tune and how that song transports one particular Lifetimer, Vyk, back to the union bar at Newcastle University.

Music evokes memories like nothing else. Just listening to a tune which is associated with a particular place or time can transport you back in time – you can relive that memory with such clarity.

The kids have broken up from school, we are actually having a summer, at last (if we can get over the thunder and rain of Monday night).

For the last fortnight or so everywhere you go people have their windows open, playing the tunes they love, from cars, houses, shops and pubs. Summertime music is happy time music, we start smiling at the first few notes.

What are your favourite summer songs? There are so many that make us think of hot lazy days, Pimms if we’re lucky – or an ice cold lager, or lemonade with crushed ice – dappled light through trees maybe, or the sea lapping the shore in the distance and a cocktail in hand.

We asked the people of Lifetime what their favourite summer tune was, the song that instantly makes them smile.

We came up with the following list.

  • ELO – Mr Blue Sky
  • Jazzy Jeff & the Fresh Prince – Summertime
  • Bryan Adams – Summer of 69
  • The Beach Boys – Good Vibrations
  • Katrina & the Waves – Walking on sunshine
  • The Undertones – Here comes the summer
  • Duran Duran – Rio
  • Wham – Club Tropicana
  • Chris Rea – On The Beach
  • Enrique Iglesias – Escape
  • Kings of Leon – The Bucket
  • REM – Nightswimming
  • Dario G – Sunchyme

Ah…..summer tunes. The list could just go on and on. And actually, if it did then it might just ward off autumn for a bit longer……

Whatever your favourite song is, kick of your shoes, invite your friends around, fire up the barbecue and let’s celebrate and make new summer memories to remember.


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