Never too old for the bucket!

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Never too old for the bucket!

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Posted on: 16/05/2013

The Lifetime ‘bucket’ has once again made a big splash with clients!

Financial Planner Simon Durkan went along to see ‘a lovely couple’ who just could not get enough of the way Lifetime put together a financial plan by using our much-vaunted ‘bucket’ diagram).


Simon said: “They are existing clients who I was meeting for the first time. The gentleman is 78 and the lady is 77.

“I went through the Lifetime folder and the services we provide – and both of them were very, very impressed by the ‘bucket’, how it works, how simple the concept is, and how it explains the financial plan.

Lifetime folders

“The lady mentioned it several times during our meeting and said that she is going to tell everyone she knows about it, including her daughter, because she was so impressed with the idea!”

Making clients happy. That’s what we strive to do…..


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