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Your Lifetime…..on the Horizon!

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Posted on: 15/05/2013

Lifetime were thrilled to be invited for an hour-long slot on Barnsley’s new community radio station Horizon FM on Wednesday.

Communications Director Bill Bottomley and Social Media Manager Andrew Lodge were the ‘double act’ who delighted in telling ‘the Lifetime story’ on air to popular Barnsley DJ Tommy Taylor.

Bill (pictured below with host Tommy) said: “It’s great to have the opportunity to let people know about our company, our services and how community driven we are.”


Bill informed the listeners of:

Why Lifetime are alternative financial planners

How we use Buckets in telling the ‘truth’ about money

What connection do we have with Warren Buffett..the most successful investor in the world!

Bill went on to talk about Lifetime’s sponsorship of the Barnsley hospice golf day at Silkstone GC on Friday, May 24, where 23 local businesses will take part, and the Lifetime Referral Scheme (https://www.lifetime-fm.com/hospice.aspx).

Andrew (pictured below) explained his role in the Lifetime ‘family’, helping the company raise their profile in the community, particularly through the use of the company’s own website, their Twitter and Facebook feeds, and other established media outlets.


Both men emphasised that it is the clients’ own story that is at the very heart of what Lifetime are about.

  • Horizon Radio, which has been on the 87.7 FM frequency, is in the final week of a month-long slot. It has proved to be very popular and hopes to land a permanent FM slot as a community radio station for Barnsley.


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