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Lifetime Legal Solutions launches

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Posted on: 16/09/2013


We are proud to announce that Wills@Lifetime has today rebranded as Lifetime Legal Solutions.

This part of our business has gone from strength to strength since it was first launched nearly three years ago. Then the primary focus was to provide wills, however it quickly became apparent that our clients wanted far more when it came to protecting their estate.

The range of services offered soon grew to include Lasting Powers of Attorney, Storage and Probate services.

Providing peace of mind and knowing that your spouse/partner and family are provided for is all part of the excellent financial planning picture Lifetime helps you to create.


The idea that you can also plan for what happens after you die or if you become mentally incapacitated offers the ultimate peace of mind.

We believe that Lifetime Legal Solutions is the icing on the cake of what Lifetime has to offer.


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