How much will my state pension be?

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How much will my state pension be?

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Posted on: 23/11/2011

So you’ve clicked on the link State Pension Age calculator link below and you’ve managed to delight yourself by finding out when you’ll receive your State Pension.

Now I bet your thinking, ok that’s great…but show me the money! How much will I get as a State Pension?! It’s not quite as simple as saying, we’ll all get £5,311.80 (the current basic state pension for a single person). Each individual will have their own very different set of circumstances and their resulting State Pension could be different.

The best way to find out what you’re entitled to from your State Pension age is to contact the government (I don’t mean 10 Downing Street – although I suppose you could try), using the link at the bottom of this message.

Follow the relevant instructions for you and ensure you have your National Insurance number handy. You may well need to contact them by phone.



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