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Who are we?

We are Lifetime, financial advisers and specialists in pensions, retirement planning, mortgages, estate planning and much more, and we have now partnered with VIVUP.

Our personal financial plans are created for you, based on the information you give us. We show you a variety of scenarios so that you can clearly see what options you have, including changing your retirement age, property decisions and accessing your pension.

Our plans are made for everyone and are designed to give you a full picture of your overall financial health and allows you to see areas that might need improvement or guidance on. Once your coach has created your plan using the information you provide, they will be able to refer you to an expert in any of the areas you might need to address.

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Our partnership with VIVUP

In August 2022 we were delighted to establish a partnership with VIVUP,  to offer our financial plans with 50% off for all VIVUP users.

You will be assigned a Lifetime Coach who will guide you through the process, and create your personalised financial planning video. Your plan takes the information that you provide and shows you a variety of scenarios that could change the way you see your money, and help you make big decisions that could have a beneficial impact on your finances and your life.



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