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Sheila Lynch

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Posted on: 30/08/2023
Sheila Lynch

Sheila is one of Lifetime’s long-standing residents, having started work for the company over 12 years ago. In that time she has had two children, both boys, who are growing up fast and keep her busy with their sporting activities and her taxi servicing!

Hailing from Preston, Lancashire, Sheila has worked in financial services since 1998. When asked how different it is now she says: “We now have internet so that’s a start!”

Her favourite Lifetime memory? That came on the 3rd of September when it was the return to work after Covid-19 lockdown!

In her spare time Sheila enjoys walking and also chilling with a good book. During lockdown in 2020 she re-ignited her passion for book reading. It has to be a book with real paper, she says. Paperback is even better than hardback too she claims.

When asked for her favourite place to go Sheila replies: “Anywhere hot! I especially love France.”

And a final interesting fact – Sheila’s first gig/event was going to see Pope John Paul II…


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