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Sam Scarfe

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Posted on: 12/01/2024

Sam joined us as a Lifetime Coach in January 2024.

He and his daughter both play football in their spare time, Sam for a village team in Huddersfield and his daughter for Barnsley Ladies FC.

They also have season tickets for Manchester United Ladies and attend the men’s games when they can.

As he’s always been involved in fitness and sports, it is understandable that Sam is passionate about self-improvement, both personally and professionally, and always sets himself the highest standards. “Be the best you can be” is his motto.

When not watching or playing football, Sam enjoys cooking and playing video games. His favourite cuisine is Italian, especially anything involving pasta!

He says that he likes the fact that Lifetime help people enhance their financial wellbeing as “it is an essential part of life, no matter your age or background.”


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