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Posted on: 30/08/2023
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Pensions Technical Director Jeff has been with the company since 2nd January 2005.

He started as an adviser and he says he still ‘basically does the same role now although a lot has changed over the years’!

Back in his younger days Jeff gained a degree in Physical Education. “Yet I ended up working in financial services,” he laughs.

He loves the fact that Lifetime ‘is a family’ and his best working memory is moving from an office in Wombwell near Barnsley up to the new offices at Lifetime House in February 2007.

‘Meeting people’ is what Jeff likes best about his role as a pension specialist.

Originally from Crook in County Durham, Jeff now lives in York. He and his wife have one daughter, Maria, who is a very gifted musician.

Family, Newcastle United and music are very important to him.

He likes to go to gigs, especially to watch his daughter and her partner play. He says choosing his favourite place to go is ‘difficult’.

“I’d say it is split 50/50, between Newcastle, where my daughter lives, and York.”


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