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Posted on: 11/08/2023
Ian Dickinson

CEO Ian has been with Lifetime from the very beginning.

“We started Lifetime to make a difference to how financial advice was delivered,” explains Ian. “My role in the business has evolved so much over the past 25+years. I have loved the challenge of the changes, which are significant.

“There are so many amazing memories. It is very difficult to single just one out. The real memory I have is feeling proud every day at what we are delivering and providing to our valued clients and partners.”

In his role as CEO, Ian helps the team shape the business for the future. He takes both pleasure and reassurance in the company’s moral values and adds that he is consistently impressed with ‘the team’s professional abilities that are ever growing to deliver on our intentions’.

Ian was born in Barnsley and now lives in the south east of England. He has two ‘amazing’ daughters and a dog called Ebbe.

His favourite place to be is always outdoors and in nature, whether that is in the wilds of the Scottish highlands, snowy descents in the mountains (where he loves to ski), or enjoying the solitude of being offshore, sailing.

He spends most of his free time exploring new challenges and trying to get better at them.

“I have always had as part of my personality the desire to explore, adapt and seek new adventures,” says Ian. “This always leads to new experiences and the privilege of meeting new people and places. So many laughs along the way, usually at my expense!

“We are so lucky to live in a time when change can happen in a big way. At Lifetime we have the vision to make a big difference to the lives of so many people who would otherwise struggle without our efforts and services. I am passionate about making what we do a little better every day and enjoying seeing the passion and dedication of the people at Lifetime deliver this.

“From the personal perspective I look forward to all the new adventures and travel that are yet to unfold and the amazing places and people who I will share that with.”


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