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Posted on: 30/08/2023
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Andy began his Lifetime journey in September 2020, heading up business acquisition, sales and marketing. Now he is the COO.

“It has been a real whirlwind,” admits Andy. “But I’m absolutely loving it!”

His favourite Lifetime memory is how he joined the company, meeting CEO Ian on a train! “The rest is history,” Andy says.

The ability to make a difference to people’s lives is what Andy values the most about his role.

As for what he likes about Lifetime overall he says: “The value and the mission, and my colleagues.”

Andy will try his hand to almost anything. He is a qualified Scuba Diver, has done parachute jumps, bungie jumps, swam with sharks and is now learning to be a proficient skier.

His favourite place to visit is Gran Canaria.

Personally and professionally Andy is passionate about making a difference to the people he meets. Another key ‘life mission’ for Andy is ensuring his family is well looked after and taken care of.


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