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Posted on: 11/08/2023
Andrew Lodge

Andrew is a journalist, proofreader and copywriter, having spent over 20 years writing for a weekly newspaper and then going on to work for the Press Association on their football digital desk. He has been at Lifetime since February 2012.

His best Lifetime memories? “Teaming up with director Bill and ‘telling the Lifetime story’ to university students. Anytime delving into the topic of football with colleagues Tom and Michael. And sat ‘next door but one’ to my wife when she was working as Lifetime office manager was an unforgettable memory in itself!

And what he likes best about Lifetime? “The people and their ability, the culture, the work/life balance, and the clear passion and drive to help as many people as possible. Lifetime has its ‘heart’ in the right place.”

Andrew loves to spend as much time as he can with his wife Karen and family at their static caravan on Yorkshire’s east coast.

Andrew also loves reading, and is a keen member of a book club. He admits to reading his favourite novel, JRR Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings, every year since he was 13!

Other interests? There’s quite a few! “Watching football, listening to music, walking on the beach in Filey, North Yorkshire with my wife Karen. Visiting our daughter Eve in Skipton. Being run ragged by the grandkids!”

Professionally, Andrew says he is passionate about ‘producing good work that has an impact. That and helping others become the very best versions of themselves at work’.

As for personally, top of Andrew’s list is his wife and family. He wouldn’t mind his football team winning every week either!


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