Savings and Investments How to make the most of your money

Saving and investing to achieve your financial goals

Saving for short term needs or investing for the longer term will be determined by what you need to do to live the life you want. We firmly believe people need professional guidance around investing, so that you can be confident in the safety and suitability of your choices. Your Lifetime financial planner will explain everything in detail to ensure you are investing the right amount, at the right risk level, to achieve your life goals and ambitions.

Why should I invest my money?

Investing money can help you achieve financial health and financial freedom, as well as giving you the means to realise your life’s ambitions. The main benefits of investing are likely to show over the medium-to-long term. Before you are ready to invest it is worth making sure that your day-to-day finances are in order, and that you are as prepared as you can be for any financial emergencies that may suddenly arise. You may be dissatisfied with traditional methods of saving and we believe that investing can be a way of not only growing what you have but preserving the real value of the money you have worked hard to build up.

Why professional guidance is key

Everyone’s life is different and what investment solution suits one person may not suit another. Professional help and guidance is strongly encouraged when it comes to making decisions on where to invest your money. Investments should always be seen in the context of an overall financial plan and it bears remembering that the value of investments can fall as well as rise. Lifetime has a team of experts in this field, including an investment committee who analyse economic trends and ensure clients are invested in the most beneficial areas for them.

Finding the right solution for you

We base all of our recommendations on detailed discussions we have with you on the suitability of investments, and your attitude to risk. The term ‘attitude to risk’ is used to describe an investor’s level of risk they are willing to take in order to reach their goal. A Lifetime financial planner will explore this at length to ensure you are investing the right amount, at the right risk level, to complement your current circumstances and achieve your aim. We are obsessive researchers and our resources include not only the latest technology but access to the foremost human expertise too. Over the years our business has been developed to ensure we have in place the most advanced support tools that can be applied to help as many people as possible fulfil their financial plans.

Start your personal financial plan

Saving and investing are important but should be seen as key components of an overall financial plan that considers all aspects of your current position