Pension Planning

Our pension specialists are here to help

When it comes to pensions, it’s hard not to get a little muddled and confused by everything that’s out there. There’s a lot of technical language, complex rules and history involved that makes the process difficult to navigate, but the importance of having a pension cannot be understated.

Do I need a pension?

A pension can provide you with the comfortable retirement you strive for. We don’t want you to get to retirement and not find the joys in life, we want you to get to retirement and live your very best years. Talking to one of our pension specialists is a great and informative way to know exactly where you stand when it comes to your retirement. And it is never too late or too early to look into it.

We’re here to answer any questions that you may have about your pension and your retirement options and take out the jargon and confusion. As part of our services, we also have personal financial plans that can show you an overall picture and how you can get to where you want to be.

We’re here to help you and if you’ve already worked with us before it might be part of your service so check with your planner if this is something we can offer.

Why Lifetime?

Do you have old pensions that you are struggling to track down? We can help you find your old pensions that you may have built up over the years and advise you on what you can do to make the most of them. We take the burden away from you to make your pension planning easy.

Do you have pensions that you can’t make sense of? Don’t worry our team of fully qualified pension specialists have the right expertise and decades of experience in dealing with all types of pensions. We can help you understand your pension benefits and how they fit into your overall financial picture.

Are you wondering when you can retire? Our detailed research and advice can you help you plan for the future with confidence by making informed decisions. We can look at the impact of retiring at different ages and how this would look for you. Pensions play a major role in your retirement. It is vital that you get advice on this.

We want to help you achieve the best possible income for your retirement.

Pensions Calculator

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State vs Personal Pension

Your state pension is available to you once you reach a certain age (you can find out when you’re eligible to receive yours through the gov website). There are a few stipulations to whether or not you’re entitled to receive a state pension based on your national insurance contributions. You are able to receive your state pension alongside your personal one.

Personal Pension

Your personal pension, or workplace pension, is based on what you choose to pay throughout your working years. There are many benefits to being in a pension scheme, which we can discuss with you based on your personal circumstances. However, the main benefits are:

– Tax relief (the government will contribute whenever you do)
– Added retirement funds
– Employer contribution

Start your personal financial plan

Although it's important to know about your pension, a rounded financial plan is also very beneficial to improving your overall financial health