Sometimes you just want to say thank you!

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A company’s very existence can often rest on the relationship it has with its customers.

Those customers want value – and in turn to be valued.

Lifetime believe in the power of relationships. It is a key component of our company culture. We use it to forge a great team that delivers outstanding work – and we use it to put our clients at the very heart of what we do.

We came across another company who view their customers in the same light.

Close your eyes and try to picture a place where, upon walking in, you are offered gifts and kind compliments. Now open your eyes to find out where you are. Imagine your surprise when you find yourself in a bank!

Canadian bank Toronto-Dominion are a bank who wanted show appreciation to their loyal customers. Their heartfelt #TDThanksYou video did just that!

They turned an ATM machine into an ‘Automated Thanking Machine’. And instead of dispensing someone’s own money, this machine churned out gifts!

While most TD customers received cash and a thank you from the machine, other more well-known customers of the Canadian bank got more personalised gifts.

The video starts off with this message “sometimes you just want to say thank you”.

We loved it. So much so we had tears in our eyes! Doing something good deserves to be shared, right?

Here it is:



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