Employer journey

An opportunity to offer your employees a free financial plan

The journey starts with an employer’s realisation that your employees are struggling to understand their finances; from making poor decisions with their money through to simply not knowing if they can afford to retire.

What was once a simple matter of reaching retirement age and receiving the promise of a steady income once they had finished work has become a complicated puzzle, where there are no set dates to work towards.

In years gone by the majority of companies offered pension schemes that were fully managed. These days many people have to make their own decisions.  The responsibility of managing money is huge but it has never been as much of a burden as it is right now.

When can I retire?
Will I have enough money?
Will my family be okay if I am too ill to work?

These questions, and many more, are difficult for individuals to address. Some people will stick their head in the sand and ignore them, while others may well turn to the only place they can – you, their employer!

The workplace is where people already have dealings with money through wages and pensions and there is a growing number of employers who feel that a lack of financial planning and assistance for their staff, particularly in the approach to retirement, is a real concern.

Employers can help pave the way.

If the workforce were able to understand their choices, this would give them the freedom to take control of their lives and make good financial decisions.

Lifetime offers you the opportunity to take your employees on this journey – and help them discover how to live the life they want, now and in the future.

We will put together a video of an employee’s bespoke plan. This will help them to understand where they are now, and how they can move forward without fearing the future, so they can achieve what they want from life.

Our tailor-made videos will satisfy differing planning requirements.

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