Are you guilty of living your life through your kids?

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Are you guilty of living your life through your kids?

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Posted on: 19/06/2013

Stop….take a walk down memory lane and recall what made you happy before your parenting perfectionism took over.

Did you enjoy painting or playing the guitar? Or were you an avid runner but you hung up your shoes after the children arrived? If you’re hyper-focused on your children, perhaps now is the time to redirect that focus back to what made you happy.


My parents never expected me to like what they liked. They hated all animals and yet I had a horse. They lived and breathed brass bands but I was never encouraged to pick up a brass instrument.

Looking back I was lucky, I was left to pursue my own dreams. However now as a parent myself I have found that I’m encouraging my children into hobbies which I loved because it’s easier and more enjoyable with the very limited time we now have available as parents.

Pursue your own dream. Who said that it’s completely over now that you’re a parent? If you still regret not achieving your dream or goal, seriously consider going back after it. Instead of making your child a pawn in what you want out of life, cut him or her free and go after that dream––or a variant of it––yourself.

I have decided to make a conscious decision to schedule a time slot in the family diary for me, I know they will be impressed when they watch me do a clear round on a horse. It’s never too late when you’ve the will and determination to step up to the challenge.

After all, you’ve been making your child do this for a while, so show your child what you can do. Everybody will be a winner. You will be happier and the pressure will be off the kids – Victoria Oliver


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