What do Lifetime offer?

We are Lifetime, specialists in workplace financial wellbeing, and an established and trusted provider of high-quality financial planning services. Our financial wellbeing programme helps people get to grips with money issues, make plans for the future, and enjoy full control over their financial situation.

We work closely with employers to deliver a tailor-made solution of financial education and planning that supports the needs of a workforce, easing their fears and concerns and empowering them to take full control of their finances for the rest of their lives. The times may be uncertain. Our commitment to your financial wellbeing is not.

Our partnership with Annurca

Annurca and Lifetime are committed to helping employers establish an innovative benefits service that meets the needs of every employee.

Annurca provide health and wellbeing to businesses, including occupational health, mental wellbeing and understanding. Lifetime has teamed up with Annurca as their official financial wellbeing partner, offering a personalised programme that helps an employer’s staff acquire the necessary confidence, understanding and knowledge to deal with personal money matters.

Our financial wellbeing package includes bespoke financial plans, educational videos, informative webinars, one-to-one coaches and access to financial planners and specialists for all employees.