Yorkshire folk best of British – when it comes to finding most ‘neighbour-loving’ people!

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Yorkshire folk best of British – when it comes to finding most ‘neighbour-loving’ people!

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Posted on: 08/08/2013

Yorkshire folk are top of the pile when it comes to finding the most ‘neighbour-loving’ people in Great Britain, according to a survey.

The results indicated that 84.9% of Yorkshire men and women admit to actually liking the people on their street.

One of the main reasons for this is the fact that they would occasionally put out/and bring back wheelie bins on collection day!

It was shown that Yorkshire inhabitants come in well under the national average of 16.4% when it comes to outright ignoring their neighbours.

The survey, which was carried out as part of Swinton’s Great Britain’s Greatest Neighbour campaign, also revealed that Yorkshire people apparently have plenty in common with Australians – as around half of Yorkshire people enjoy barbecuing with our neighbours as a way to bond (as Lifetimers Karen and Andrew did recently with their own neighbours Steve and Angie!). That’s despite the weather often not being as good as down under – although this summer has been a bit of an exception…….

The survey listed the ‘Top 20 Reasons To Blank Your Neighbours’ – and while the results showed that Yorkshire folk are less likely than other areas of the UK to ‘shut out’ the people who live around them, some of us may well nod our heads a little in agreement(!!) with the following:

1. The neighbours block my drive
2. They park in my space
3. Their dog barks all day
4. Their garden is a tip
5. You can hear them swearing when they are in the garden
6. They are always rowing
7. They host too many late night parties
8. Their cats do their business in my garden

9. Their kids are constantly loud when in the garden
10. I just can’t be bothered to speak to them
11. They have let their house go to wrack and ruin
12. They light bonfires
13. They let their wheelie bin overflow
14. Their trees are blocking my light
15. Their kids constantly kick a ball against my house
16. They are always showing off and it winds me up
17. Their kids peer over my fence all the time
18. I just don’t like the look of them
19. They got annoyed when I threw a party
20. They don’t bring parcels around to my house when the postman leaves them at their house


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