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Why our BBIS venture is different

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Posted on: 11/09/2013

What’s different about our Barnsley Businesses Inspiring Students venture?

Why bother when some excellent organisations that can supply speakers for schools already exist?

Well, it has to be said that without Robert Peston’s Speakers for Schools we would not have come up with BBIS. That’s undoubtedly true, but we are in no way trying to compete with the organisations out there on a national scale. Indeed what we are doing can only boost the interest in the various national organisations such as ‘Inspiring the Future’, which can only be a benefit for the schools and them.

Our project is much more about the positive messages we can give local students about living and working in and around our community.

We are a local business, employing local people and living locally, sending our children to local schools, and we love it!

There are so many excellent businesses and inspiring people who work in our community – and we believe this is a great place to live and work.

It seems that sometimes we are struggling to convey that message to the outside world, as there is quite often a stereo typical picture of what it’s like to live here and work here.

Our message is different – and we want our students to see and hear.

Our business leaders, people who love their jobs, people who have grown up in our community and would regard themselves as successful (not necessarily materially but also that they lead happy and fulfilling lives) authors, poets, sports people, actors, people who work in our community, people with a connection to us…. these people are willing to share their experiences with our students to inspire them to become what they can be.

Every community has problems, and of course we do too, but we are emphasising what is good in our and around Barnsley – and we want to share that with the students.

We are amazed at the enthusiasm we have encountered from the companies and individuals, from all walks of life, who want to get involved in BBIS… but that’s indicative of the passionate belief that this is a great community to live and work in.

We are not asking the local businesses or individuals for any money for this venture. Just their time – and their story.

Horizon College are themselves extremely excited about hosting the project initially, and, if successful, it is something that we are looking to roll out to other schools in the area.

We believe many of Barnsley’s young people have the determination, the drive and the desire to not only reach their own personal goals but to also put the town in an even better light. The Barnsley business community want to play their part in helping those kids, and help increase their motivations and aspirations.

  • The official launch of the event is at Horizon on Tuesday, September 17 where our committed speakers (and special guests) will get together and mix with the students.

Exciting times!


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