We can be heroes for MORE than one day!

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We can be heroes for MORE than one day!

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Posted on: 12/06/2013

Ever watched those movies where just at the point of crisis a super hero or the knight in shining armour shows up and makes everything good. For some people, the equivalent of the prince or Hollywood super hero does come to the rescue, but for most we are left to figure out our own way to achieve our dreams.

In the world of chaos here are some tips and techniques to help you be your own super hero at those times in your life when you really don’t think things could get any further from the life you dream of.

Identify one thing that, if you do it today, you know will make you feel better.

When things are getting you down, there is nothing quite like positive action. Pick one thing that you know will give you quick lift and do it. This will set you up to be in a more resourceful mood for the other tips and techniques to follow.

Remember the things that really matter.

When the pressure is turned up high, take a moment to remember and be grateful for the things that really matter to you. Whether this be loved ones, friends or even pondering on the bigger picture of what life is all about, you’ll find this time for reflection calming and grounding.

Review your expectations.

When you expect things to be a certain way, you run the risk of setting yourself up for disappointment and frustration. This doesn’t mean to say that you shouldn’t wish and plan for things to turn out a certain way, but be aware that the more set in your mind you are about how things should be, the more scope there is for disappointment.

It’s through chaos that we know ourselves to be truly alive.

If you are having the adventure of your life, then chaos is inevitable. The alternative is to turn a cheek to the life that you really want to be living, and have everything be stable and comfortable (and probably boring) instead. You get to choose!

Trials are part of every hero’s life.

If you’ve stepped away from the path that’s comfortable and familiar to create instead something that satisfies the calling in your heart, you are a hero – and every hero, both fictional and real, should expect trials along the way.

Take control of your own destiny and in the words of Bowie –

“I, I will be King: And You, you will be queen.”


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