Ways to wellbeing: Enhance your employee wellbeing offering

Passionate about helping organisations create thriving, vibrant workplaces, a group of experts are coming together to focus on the important topic of wellbeing. The Ways to Wellbeing event has been designed to demonstrate all the positive ways you can promote wellbeing at work, as well as being an excellent and informative training day for HR professionals and People Managers.

Located at Winstanley House just on the outskirts of Leicester city centre, the all day event includes refreshments, a light lunch and talks by engaging speakers. The day promises to deliver a lively insight into how you can support employee wellbeing throughout your business and across all subject matters.

Date: 28th February 2024
Registration starts at 9:30 
Winstanley House, Leicester
Cost: £49.50 (exc. VAT)


Schedule of the day

Registration and refreshments

Speaker – Helen Stocker, HR Delivered

Aligned and authentic. Building and implementing a wellbeing strategy that works!

Helen will be sharing her and her team’s insight into implementing effective wellbeing strategies, what works and what does not. Passionate about ensuring wellbeing is not just a tick box exercise, Helen will explain how to ensure your strategy is aligned to the business goals and works for your employees.

Speaker – Jo Howarth, The Happiness Club

Choose Happiness

Jo will talk about why happiness and mental health awareness in the workplace is of vital importance for your organisation plus she will teach some practical tools for you to take away and start using to help you choose happiness every day.

How to beat the 3pm energy slump

Do you find yourself struggling to keep your eyes open and your energy levels up around 3pm every day? You’re not alone! The infamous 3pm energy slump is a common phenomenon that affects many people in the workplace.

In this talk, Helen will discuss the typical causes behind this mid-afternoon energy dip and provide practical nutrition and lifestyle strategies to help you avoid it, ensuring you stay energised, focused and productive throughout the day.

– Discover the typical daily habits that leave your energy stores depleted

– Do a personal energy audit and identify your own energy zappers

– Learn the foundations of an energy-supporting diet

– Uncover key lifestyle practices for optimal energy levels

Speaker – Andy Wealthall, Lifetime

Employers want staff who are fully committed and involved in their work. But what if your employees have financial fears and concerns that affect their mental health and mindset? Andy discusses the importance of financial wellbeing, through the delivery of a service that incorporates education, support and guidance – and how such a workplace benefit can help staff be fully aware of their money options and to feel happier, less stressed and more confident.

Jenny Wright, Money and Pension Service

Jenny from the Money and Pensions Service discusses the impact of the pandemic and increases in the cost of living on individuals across the country and how this may influence a person’s ability to carry out their job.  She will cover a number of practical actions for organisations to consider when supporting their workforce and also share resources from MoneyHelper which can be used to support with financial education from pocket money to pensions.

Keynote Speaker – Jason Todd, The Art of Brilliance

When the world’s doing its worst it’s doubly important that you know how to be at your best! THE ART OF BEING BRILLIANT helps you shine by reconnecting you with you.

It acts as the cornerstone of any personal or organisational change programme. We use cutting edge research, but have surgically removed the big words and replaced them with simple, do-able principles that are applicable at work and home. We like to think of it as a personal upgrade that allows you to thrive no matter what the world throws at you.

THE ART OF BEING BRILLIANT is your competitive advantage. In plain simple English, we want this to be the best training you have ever had. Whisper it quietly, but it might even change your life?

Our approach

As always, our approach is one of simplicity. The good news is that we’re careful to disguise the concepts and deliver a session that is thought-provoking and great fun. Wakey-wakey! You best life awaits.

Close and goodbyes!

Want more information?

For more information about our upcoming event, please contact [email protected] and one of our team members will be in touch. Alternatively, you can contact our offices on 01226 208600.

How to get there

Winstanley House is located just outside Leicester city centre.

The house is based in beautiful parklands, and has free on-site parking. There are bus routes situated outside the park.

Winstanley House
Hinckley Road, Leicester