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Speaker – Helen Stocker, HR Delivered

Speaker – Jo Howarth, The Happiness Club

Choose Happiness

Jo will talk about why happiness and mental health awareness in the workplace is of vital importance for your organisation plus she will teach some practical tools for you to take away and start using to help you choose happiness every day.

Speaker – TBC

Speaker – Andy Wealthall, Lifetime

Employers want staff who are fully committed and involved in their work. But what if your employees have financial fears and concerns that affect their mental health and mindset? Andy discusses the importance of financial wellbeing, through the delivery of a service that incorporates education, support and guidance – and how such a workplace benefit can help staff be fully aware of their money options and to feel happier, less stressed and more confident.

Speaker – James Richardson, Annurca

Optimise Performance through a Data Driven Wellbeing Initiative

So you want a wellbeing initiative to be more than just a tick box exercise? You want the initiative to have a real impact but how do you really know what you’re putting in place is working? And how do you know it’s the right approach for your employees?

Obtaining baseline data is critical in ensuring you know which health areas are strengths and which are weaknesses. Once you know this it allows you to create a tailor-made wellbeing initiative which delivers on improving employee wellbeing and achieving organisational goals.

Annurca will take you through their data driven, engaging and motivational approach which is focused around positive behaviour change, and is proven to improve wellbeing and deliver on company goals and targets

Speaker slot – Jenny Wright, Money and Pension Service

Keynote Speaker – Jason Todd, The Art of Brilliance

When the world’s doing its worst it’s doubly important that you know how to be at your best! THE ART OF BEING BRILLIANT helps you shine by reconnecting you with you.

It acts as the cornerstone of any personal or organisational change programme. We use cutting edge research, but have surgically removed the big words and replaced them with simple, do-able principles that are applicable at work and home. We like to think of it as a personal upgrade that allows you to thrive no matter what the world throws at you.
THE ART OF BEING BRILLIANT is your competitive advantage. In plain simple English, we want this to be the best training you have ever had. Whisper it quietly, but it might even change your life?

Our approach

As always, our approach is one of simplicity. The good news is that we’re careful to disguise the concepts and deliver a session that is thought-provoking and great fun. Wakey-wakey! You best life awaits.

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How to get there

Winstanley House is located just outside Leicester city centre.

The house is based in beautiful parklands, and has free on-site parking. There are bus routes situated outside the park.

Winstanley House
Hinckley Road, Leicester

13th September 2023