Time to have those tough conversations

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We’ve gathered a group of experts to come together to talk about those tough conversations that HR professionals need to have, and to discuss how to support colleagues in difficult situations. As people managers, it’s so important to be able to be confident and comfortable having complicated discussions, as well as feedback to other colleagues about what to expect in uncertain times.

Ignoring illness, mental health, and financial health is doing a disservice to your employees as it affects every single person, and ignoring the issue makes the subject taboo.

Date:5th April 2023
Cost: FREE


Mark Edmondson

Mark started Positive Vibes Only after a devastating diagnosis of cancer. After being told he had less than a year to live and then outliving his diagnosis, Mark has a unique perspective on cancer and how it affects everyone involved.

Jo Howarth

Jo is an advanced therapist who started The Happiness Club as a way to promote and support positive mental health and mindsets. Jo will be speaking about the stress employees face and how employers can support mental health.

Andy Wealthall

Andy is from Lifetime, a company dedicated to enhancing financial wellbeing for all. Andy is passionate about financial wellbeing and works with employers across the country to provide it to all their employees.

The session will provide a lively insight into how professionals can support colleagues during difficult times and how to put your best foot forward.