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Charlotte Swinscoe

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Posted on: 11/08/2023
Charlotte Swinscoe

Marketing and branding is Charlotte’s game – and she loves using those tools to reach as many new people as possible.

Events, the Lifetime website, social media, emails…Charlotte has a hand in them all. She joined the company in May 2022 and loves the fact that ‘there’s always something going on’. She revels in the ‘mixture of creativity, management and forward thinking’ that Lifetime encourages.

She lives in Nottinghamshire with her boyfriend and their cross-eyed Siamese cat, Oswald, who likes nothing better than to loudly join in on any remote calls!

Interestingly, Charlotte says she hasn’t had her hair fully natural since the age of nine, and while her left eyelashes are extremely curly, her right ones are very straight. Go figure!

She also admits to being unable to say the words ‘hippopotamus’ or ‘cinnamon’, loves interior design, and being rather partial to ‘botch DIY’, such as ‘fixing a curtain rail with eyelash glue’ or ‘holding a bike together with a sandwich bag’!


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