Robert Bligh

Financial Planner

A child of Irish parents, Robert was educated at a Catholic school in Sussex and holds two passports; ‘for every eventuality’ he claims!

He studied geology at university, finds economics fascinating and enjoys genealogy. He used to work on an oil rig and was also a property valuer at an estate agents before qualifying as a financial adviser.

Robert says he met his wife Mel on a ‘holiday romance’, and they have two girls aged nine and 13.

He says he tried to travel around the world when he was 18 but didn’t get very far! He  managed it though when he was 31, and plans on doing it again ‘when he grows up’.

He has convinced himself that he can speak French. He claims it does wonders for your confidence, but admits that no-one understands him!

Robert is a big believer in the saying ‘what you give in life comes back to you many times over’.

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