Megan Haffner


Megan joined the Lifetime team as an administrator in the last few days of January 2023.

She is a massive Manchester City supporter and has been going to matches with her dad from as young as one. When her brother came along in 2006 he duly joined in the family tradition and they all travel home and away to watch City in action.

Megan also enjoys days out with her mum, often to York or Leeds. She says that she can sometimes convince her dad and brother to join them if there is a stop at a pub!

Megan loves reading and music. She reads plenty of fiction and is a massive fan of Harry Potter and Percy Jackson. She also loves The Beatles, Pink Floyd and Fleetwood Mac. Any music between the 60s and 80s is her favourite while she also loves movies from those eras too.

She travels a lot around the country with her best friend, often having weekends away, and they tend to have a week abroad in the summer as, Megan happily admits, they have gotten ‘older and more independent’.